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Strangeness And Charm

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She is the girl at the back of the class.
I stared at her for almost a year.
She's weird, as weird as none of the other girls has been.
Maybe that is what makes her different.

She is not pretty, but still, I can see the beauty.
Her laugh is the imitation of a beast's, but still, I can hear the sincerity.
Her mouth doesn't stop showing her teeth, but still, sometimes I can feel the weary.

I remember when I turned to look at her, for another one more time. 
I saw her put the note inside her purse as she let out a snippet of laugh.

The girl is insane.
But maybe that is what makes her, her.

- Bella Bella, 2015

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Talk about passion. We all have passion, dont we?

You know, the kind of things that you like to do. During or not during your free time.

Back to the past few weeks, a man came to my school. He is not just a man, I must add. He's a motivator. He also does business, if I'm not mistaken. but whatever, forget that. I'm here to talk about passion and this does have something to do with passion. 

I discovered mine back when I was 15, and now I'm 16. Apparently I have three passions:
  • Reading (which I discovered first when I was 14)
  • Writing
  • Psychology (reading people and eventually scare them off when my prediction is right)
Well, yeah, those are my passions. The things that I love and honestly, I do think that I'll pursue my study in psychology, and write books in the meantime. Do check out my books!

Back to the successful man, let's call him Mr. Berjaya. Berjaya is a Malay word which means, successful. 

Mr. Berjaya came to my school on career day and gave a talk about how to succeed - pretty much inspirational, I must say. The main thing that you need to succeed is PASSION. Yup, you read it right. 


You have to at least have one passion. If you still don't know what your passion is, then find it! 

I'm not going to say that it's easy, but I am also not going to say that it is difficult.

To have a passion is a pleasure. To be able to turn the passion to a career is way better. (That one comes from me, not Mr Berjaya, alright)
Let's not talk about Mr Berjaya anymore and focus on passion.

What I'm saying is, it's not too late to find a passion. I believe you guys who are reading this post are mostly teenagers and young adults - or even you're an adult, you still have time to find your passion. And I'm here going to help you to find your passion.

  1. First of all, let's start with something you like. What do you like to do the most? It has to be beneficial. Not just some random unnecessary hobbies.
  2. Second, can you turn it into a career? Will it give you a job AND money?
  3. Are you happy doing it? Or is it against your will? 
There you go. 3 steps of how to find your passion. Maybe if you want more information, you can always go on google and google it. It's easier that way. 

And of course, easier said than done. I know, but at least, I gave a few tips that maybe, just maybe, you can use. Alright?

Why is it important to have a passion?

In my very own opinion, having a passion is a blessing. Isn't it good to find something that makes you happy? That prevents you from doing non-beneficial things? Well I don't know about you, but it is a blessing to me.

Besides providing you with a job that you love, being passionate can also make you happy. Have you ever done something that you love? How does it feel? Does it make you happy or otherwise? 

Of course it makes you happy and that is exactly how I feel. Or maybe I am just passionate about being passionate. I don't know LOL

Other than that, having a passion can also mend your broken heart. Well I read to mend my broken heart, I write to mend my broken heart, I read people to scare them - wait, the last statement was a joke.

So that was that. I am passionate and I am very proud of it. 

And I want you to be passionate too, so you will be happy - happier than you are, now.

Thank you.

p/s: would like to say sorry if I annoyed you in some way. And sorry if you're not comfortable with me writing in English but this is me, a Malay girl who speaks in Malay and English mostly, but rather writing and reading in English. Thank you. May Allah bless you and have a good day! x

The Mortal Instruments & the book which im currently reading
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I'd finished reading City of Heavenly Fire in the past two days. I cried a lot bc of that book, couldnt deny it. The Mortal Instruments series is beautifully written by Cassandra Clare, i would like to thank her for all the emotions & sort of trouble she got me into, if i got the chance. I would like to recommend you guys to read The Mortal Instruments series, you'll get addicted to it. I still couldnt get over The Mortal Instruments series anyway but now, im currently reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. It's confusing at first, and confusing, still but it gets interesting, chapter by chapter. So yeah. Thats all. Toodles.


The Fictional Love
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I believe, most bookworms had experienced this kind of feeling before. A love, a hopeless love they had had for the fictional characters, based on the books they had read. Well, I do, I did. The kind of love we had when we were lost in the pages of a book. The love we had for the fictional characters. We fell for their attitude, their personality (& for their describtion as well. Yknow, 'good looking, hot, stunning'. Who wouldnt fall for those kind of physical attractions?) But most of all, I couldnt get myself to deny that we actually fell in love with the characters, based on their personality.
       The way they treated their partners. The way they got what they wanted. The way they faced their problems. Sometimes, they even be our idols. But correct me if im wrong, we all know one thing, the fictional characters are fictional & they are not real. All of us are aware of that but still, we are still in love with them.

Is it wrong? Is it wrong to fall in love with the fictional characters?

         Well, in my opinion, i dont think it is wrong to have a hopeless love towards those fictional characters. Or to love them, to make them as your inspirations. But what's wrong is that people tend to letting their hopes too high on such things. They tend to wish their partners or even somebody who is closed to them to act like the fictional characters. Yes, im speaking on my behalf.

         I, myself, sometimes wished i had a boy bestfriend just like Simon Lewis in TMI. Well he's the kind of boy best friend that every girl wanted. It's true. Try read the series & youll understand. & i wished for a boyfriend like Jace, and Tobias, & some more fictional characters. Why did i wish for that? It's actually because, those guys in the books, never, ever, ever, ever gave up on their girls. Like seriously. No matter what their girls did, they'd still stick around. Every girl wants that kind of guy. And so, as i said before, we are aware that those fictional characters were not real & they were created by humans.

And that explains why they were so perfect

       They were created by some humans who wanted them to be like that. Yknow. We, the real ones, have flaws. & we have to accept that. Like really really accept that. And others have their own flaws too, so take it, or leave it.

        We should stop hoping for others to be like them. We tend to forget that they are humans, real humans. Not fictional. (& they are not so into books that they dont understand & cannot actually give what we want. & definitely not gonna be like the characters in the books)

        BUT we could make them read. He he he this might sounds bad (wait, i dont think making people read is a bad thing to do. I didnt ask them to get involved with drugs) but damn we should make them read. Idk how you guys are going to make it but, make them read, nerds! Make them.

        Suggest a book to them. A book that you think is interesting & easy to understand. Dont give them a 300+ pages of book for starters. No! Theyll freak out. Trust me, I hadnt really suggested them that kind of books but I did bring mine to school & some of them who dont read, freak out. Im sorry to say that but THEY WILL FREAK OUT NO MATTER WHAT.

         Maybe you could suggest Dork Diaries to them, & then proceed with The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I did that to myself. That was how I started to like books. Suggest them a book that is different. You know... A book that contains the meaning of life. Now thats different. A book that has variety of things.

         I, personally, dont like the kind of books that are too focus on the love they had. I couldnt deny that there were love stories in the books that i own, but they still had fighting scenes in it (mostly). But John Green's books are different. There's a book about, friendship, love + the meaning of life, investigation & stuff. Aaahhh I LOVE JOHN GREEN!
        So yeah. Try something new with them. Dont just get them a love genre book, with 500+ pages & say, "Babe, read this and we'll have a talk about it next week. Love you xoxo".

          Why did i ask you to suggest books to them & make them read? First, it's for you, and the others, so the possibilities for you guys & the others to have a boyfriend or girlfriend that is soooo perfect like the fictional characters is higher. & second, we could gain the population of people who like to read! Who finally will choose reading as their hobby. Isnt it a good thing to do? Isnt it? Isnt it?

Hehe i think thats all for today. I'd been working on this post since last night. I'd like to thank those who managed to read this post till the end. Thank you so much. May God bless you, have a nice day ahead!


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